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Tulips, Threelips & Stems

With summer in February and tropical storms in May, it’s no surprise that Holland’s popular flower festival, Tulip Time, is no longer about the flowers. Instead townies and tourists are clicking their wooden shoes and celebrating Stem Fest this week.

West Michigan Web Design Agency Keep Calm Spoof

A Dutch parody on the Keep Calm and Carry On propaganda poster produced by the British government before WWII. The original was intended to raise morale. Our short series is inteded to celebrate our heritage... and humor.

Just like every other Spring, the quaint (read: Awesome) Michigan town of Holland blooms to life with parades, traditional Dutch Dance performances, concerts, Dutch attractions, children’s events, city tours and more. Locals and out-of-towners gather to celebrate Dutch heritage, culture and community, while sharing delicious oliebollens and carving wooden shoes. A few of 31 Creative’s favorite activities to indulge in during Tulip Time are binging on carnie food, holding on for dear life on the rides at the Meijer Midway Carnival, voting in the Tulip Time People’s Choice Awards and, of course, catching the fireworks at Kollen Park.

This year while the tulips may be missing, the spirit of 19th century Holland is still alive and well. Get downtown and enjoy what our wonderful city has to offer. We’ll be live-tweeting all week – follow us on Twitter for #stemfest updates at @31creative.

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