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Quick, what’s your KLOUT score?

If you answered “What?”, this post is for you.

Klout is a privately run web-based company that attempts to measure influence across the social web. They assign scores based on a that influence, currently pulled from Facebook and Twitter accounts, and assume that a person with a higher Klout score will have more ability to drive action.
Klout’s full description of their Influence Metric.

Marketing is all about building strong customer relationships and creating value. How does Klout help with marketing when broken into its most basic functions?

IDENTIFYING the customer
It never hurts to make additional contacts. But no, I don’t see Klout helping with lead generation. While they will estimate your reach, they do not seem to extend it.
SATISFYING the customer?
Another venue to push your clients message is always appreciated, and the more connections you have the better chance you hit your clients target audience. But again, I don’t see Klout helping with customer service.
KEEPING the customer?
It’s not your score that should interest your client, but how you can influence their Klout Score, reach, presence, message, and brand.

While Klout is an acceptable tool to gauge how connected and socially active you are in relation to your peers, it is only one tool. Energy spent gathering “Friends”, “Followers”, and “Checking In”, may be better spent in other areas of your marketing strategy. It’s not how much influence you have, but how you use the influence you have.

For all of you keeping score, we’re currently a 31.

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