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Twitter Secrets: Do You Have The Right Followers?

While many marketers put emphasis on the number of Twitter followers a brand has, we here at 31 Creative are about quality vs. quantity. Which is why we’re letting you in on a few of our Twitter secrets!

How do you know if you have the right Twitter followers? Here are 3 secret tips we use as well as help our clients with:

  1. Get ahead of your demographic.
    This means knowing the behavioral traits of your potential buyer. For example, if we’re targeting West Michigan CEOs, we try to follow high-end golf clubs, museums, large charity organizations, yacht clubs, local chambers of commerce, business publications, etc.
  2. Keep your enemies close.
    Follow competitors in your industry – and don’t just stop at brands. Follow people who work for your competitor or use your competitor’s products/services. You never know when a customer service gripe could be a tweet of opportunity for you.
  3. Search for industry keywords.
    And then follow influencers and brands for these terms. While many large brands won’t follow you back, many of their followers will follow you back. So what’s the magic in all of this? Casting a wide net allows a larger set of users to discover you on Twitter and follow you back. If you’re casting your net in the right areas, you have a better chance of gaining quality followers. We typically try to follow everyone who follows us back and then periodically do clean up of our followers. This keeps our stream current and helps with quality followers.

Share your Twitter secrets with us @31creative!

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