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Use QR codes creatively

What is a QR code?
A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera and transfer information. Based on the type of code, it might direct the viewer to a website, make a phone call, or more. They’ve been used in online and traditional advertising campaigns for years. If you think there might be place for this technology in your business, here are a few creative uses we’ve seen:

  1. QR Codes on business cards. This is the probably the most common way many businesses use QR codes. By using the QR code to direct your viewer to unlimited web-based locations, you can devote the rest of the business card to keeping your company’s brand, getting their attention, and hitting them over the head with your sales message.
  2. Scavenger hunts. You’ll find this on most QR lists. Scavenger hunts are fun, engaging, and happening in a city near you. College freshman, rookies, and company newbies are visiting places they might not have thanks to QR codes.
  3. Package Labeling. Ok, you’re eating your fries, you grab the ketsup, and there it is… a QR code on the bottle. Of course you scan it, you’re eating alone, you’ve already peeled the label off your bottle, and before you know it you have the full attention of the tomato industry.
  4. Storefront displays. Few businesses are open 24/7. Many create an after-hours alternative. Transform your window shoppers to online shoppers with a click. Psst… Online shoppers share more contact information than those who enter and exit physical spaces. Follow up.
  5. Follow Up. Build mobile-friendly landing pages that will make engagement easy. Facebook like, Twitter follow, Pinterest love. Seize the moment: create a long-term marketing opportunity.
  6. iOS. Encourage iPhone and Android users, by creating discounts that are specific to the QR codes. Promote these codes as ads, tags, or POP signage. Whatever you do, don’t forget social. iOS devices make it all to easy to share your amazing find with friends and followers.
  7. T-shirts. Shameless self-promotion.. QR codes on t-shirts. Does this really need more explaining? …ok, maybe a little. Get creative.
  8. Style. Change the look of the QR code without changing the functionality. Just make sure to check it before printing a gazillion t-shirts.
  9. Take a hike. I for one love a good audio tour. But something tells me the art gallery, museum, and that historic marker at exit 14 just outside Bora Bora would be better served with an audio, video and interactive experience.
  10. Ring. Ring. QR codes can dial a predetermined number, or generate SMS text messages. Take it easy with this one, the idea is to engage potential customers, not annoy them.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use QR codes to connect and engage your audience. QR codes can provide additional information, including photos, reviews, directions and event dates and times. There’s a certain amount of fun and surprise with QR Codes, so that you can take advantage of a “what’s behind door number one” mentality.

Have you used QR codes in your marketing and communications? If so, how are you using them, and what results have you seen?

Whether they’ll have the staying power of your website or of your MySpace page has yet to be determined, but while they still enjoy the buzz of the “next big thing,” you can take advantage of QR codes in your marketing efforts.

You’re dying to take a picture of this aren’t you…


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