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What’s Your Call to Action?

If you’ve launched a website or tried your hand at email marketing, you’ve probably heard the term “Call-To-Action”, but really what does it mean? A “call-to-action” is a technique used by marketing companies and advertisers to capture a reader, viewer or visitors attention and guide them to the next step. For example, “click here” on a web page is a common CTA.

From website content to email marketing to direct mail pieces, here are 3 tips for a more effective ‘call to action’:

  1. Define what a conversion is to your organization – is it turning a prospect into a solid lead, capturing prospect information for nurture campaigns, or simply keeping users on the site for longer than X minutes?
  2. Have a specific goal in mind of what you would like your audience to do – is it downloading a whitepaper, registering for a webinar, requesting a product demo, or purchasing with a special offer code?
  3. MEASURE! Compare calls to action and try A/B testing to see what works best – is it a specific font, placement of a button, language, or even colors?

Always be thinking of the target audience – after Mr. Prospect reads your promotion, what do you want him to be compelled to do?

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