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Why Blog 31?

That first blog post is like a fresh canvas, a blank piece of paper, just waiting for a little paint to light it up. What to write, what to share… Why, What, When and Where? Ok, this is sounding a little too much like a children’s book, but these are good questions, questions that deserve our attention. In this first post we’ll aim to make a decent first impression while answering these tone-setting questions.

Why: Well, because 31 Creative is in the business of marketing and communications. We have a knowledge-base that should be shared with West Michigan and beyond. We’re active in our community and proud of our work. This blog is one of many ways to thank and promote our clients even more… and Why Not?

What: A frequent, chronological mixture of what’s happening in West Michigan, on the Web, and in Design. When news happens, things catch our eyes, or the stars align, we’ll blog about it. I’m pretty sure you can count on a little client and self promotion. Hey, have you been to our website www.thirtyonecreative.com?

When: There’s no time like the present! Whether you’re here to research a new website, learn about West Michigan, or join in an ‘arty’ conversation, we’re happy you’ve found us!

Where: Although the majority of our business comes from West Michigan, we have clients from Detroit, Chicago, Denver, D.C. and cities in-between. Long-distance relationships aren’t what they used to be, and now-a-days our ideal clients are from anywhere!

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